BUSY offers a range of accounting software to cater to the needs of different business segments. The primary editions offered by BUSY are Basic, Standard & Enterprise.

Whereas Basic edition is available in 1 variant (Single-User) only – Standard & Enterprise editions are available in 4 variants (Single-User, Duel-User ,Multi-User and Client-Server) each.

Edition Target Segment
Basic Micro & Small Businesses
Standard Small & Medium Businesses
Enterprise Small & Medium Enterprises

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*Prices are exclusive Tax Prices. Taxes will be applicable extra.

Product Name Prices* (In Rupees)
Busy BS 16(Basic Single User) 7,200.00
Busy BD 16(Basic Duel User) 10,800.00
Busy BM 16(Basic Multi User) 18,000.00
Busy SS/SC 16(Standard Single User) 13,500.00
Busy SD 16(Standard Duel User) 20,250.00
Busy SM 16(Standard Multi User) 33,750.00
Busy ES/EC 16(Enterprise Single User) 19,800.00
Busy ED 16(Enterprise Duel User ) 29,700.00
Busy EM 16(Enterprise Multi User) 49,500.00