MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) is Australia’s No. 1 Accounting Software which makes Business life easier for over one million businesses. Manage your invoicing, expenses, GST, cashflow and inventory all in the one place. MYOB software offers small businesses the tools to help make business run more efficiently with fewer problems which helps them to compete with larger businesses in this dog eat dog world.Myob

Need MYOB training? We can help you. If you want to learn MYOB, our training classes are at the right place! MYOB training courses are taught individually. On completion of our course(s), you will have a sound understanding of how MYOB works and be competent in its use.

Our MYOB classes are designed to help you take advantage of the powerful features this software has to offer. We will teach you how MYOB can make your business more successful, and you’ll learn how to use MYOB the RIGHT way

Content of MYOB Training

  • Purchase Register
  • Sales Register
  • Bank Book

  • Cash Book
  • Journal Register
  • Ledgers

  • Trading Account
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Final Balance Sheet

Computerized Account

  • New Data File Assistant
  • Modifying Accounts
  • Opening Balances
  • Setting up Sales
  • Setting up Purchases
  • Tax Codes
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Vendors and Customer Details
  • Entering Inventory Items
  • Counting Stock and Adjusting Inventory
  • Creating a Purchase Order/Purchase Bill
  • Printing Purchase Orders
  • Making a Vendor Payment
  • Creating an Invoice
  • Different Invoice Types
  • Printing Invoices
  • Reprint an Invoice
  • Cash Sales
  • Finding an Invoice
  • Returned Goods and Credit Notes
  • Inventory Status and Backorders
  • Applying Customer Payments
  • Invoice Statements
  • Chequebook
  • Depositing into the Cheque Account
  • More Transactions (vendors and customer payments)
  • Make Correction in entries made
  • Running a Report
  • Printing a Report
  • Profit / Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Exporting Report Data to Excel
  • Designing custom layouts
  • Customizing the Invoice
  • Customizing the Reports
  • Security Password
  • User ID Creation