Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online accounting application that gives you complete visibility of your finances and helps you manage the money moving in and out of your business. Zoho Books can simply be defined as “accounting for rest of us”. You need not be an accountant to manage your business and make informed financial decisions.

  • Good financial management.
  • A good relationship with the Customers.

Content of ZOHO Books Training

  • Purchase Register
  • Sales Register
  • Bank Book

  • Cash Book
  • Journal Register
  • Ledgers

  • Trading Account
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Final Balance Sheet

Computerized Account

  • Course Introduction
  • Introducing ZOHO Books
  • Getting Started with ZOHO Books
  • All the Accounting you need to know
  • Exit from ZOHO Books
  • Moving between company files
  • Creating a ZOHO Books company
  • Entering company info
  • Setting up your business accounting
  • Completing company file setup
  • Invoicing
  • Client Portal
  • Bills
  • Projects
  • Estimates
  • Expenses
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • Documents
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Price List
  • GST
  • E-Way Bill